Nosy Neighbor Ultimate Peek

Most of us are quite happy living the American dream with our 2.2 kids and what feels like a big enough mortgage as it is. But let's just admit, we like to see the way the bougee peeps live. Why else would the Kardashians, the Housewives and all of the other binge worthy (or not) series be such hits?

In Indiana, we have our share of the rich and not so famous. Most are known for their business pursuits, but it's still fun to take a look inside their private sanctuaries. While we are quarantining at home, get your fix peeping at these stunners.

Zionsville - $6,250,000 - Batesville - $5,500,000 -

Indianapolis - $4,500,000 - Indianapolis - $4,500,000 - Monticello - $4,500,000 -

For help finding YOUR dream home, I'm right here.

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